Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Advanced Google Analytics course completed

I just completed the “Advanced Google Analytics” course from Google Analytics Academy

Friday, April 05, 2019

Black Hole photo

I was reading a science article last night saying that a group of scientists will release the first photo of a black hole, from the Event Horizon Telescope on April 10th 2019. So it got me thinking about our universe.

If something is infinitely massive or infinitely tiny I guess there could only be one infinity so the tiny and massive states must be combined together as they reach a singular state of infinity. I don’t know if I believe in the idea of infinity because I can neither prove or disprove it.

I expect the shape of a black hole will either be spherical or similar to a water vortex getting sucked down a sink hole. (The event horizon being the surface of the water, the sink hole the massive gravity.) Some people suggest they could rip into another dimension or multiverse. I guess the shape of an individual black hole is balanced by their own gravity. I don’t think it’s true that nothing comes out of a black hole because I think Hawking radiation should cause black hole evaporation. Maybe we’ll realise in the future that dark energy or matter is the outcome of black hole evaporation. I would imagine that if all the black holes combined there would be nothing left in the universe just an eternal collapsing stage which would probably result in another Big Bang.

If you think about the reason of ‘being’ in the universe; competing, cooperating, evolving and advancing, I expect that any species which is capable of controlling the forces in the universe at some stage in the future should either wish to stabilise the universe and control its own habitable destiny or I suspect, driven from curiosity and ever evolving advancement, would want to see if there’s another dimension or multiverse it can enter.

I don’t think I’ll be around when that happens but it’s nice to think they’ll look back in another 13.772 billion years and read my blog post, saying, ah ha that guy Peter Woodford was correct you know.