Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Poem under the stars

I wrote a poem after watching the stars. It was a festival yesterday where no lights are allowed and the photo is a long exposure.

My Poem

I've laughed, I've cried, I've nearly died.

I’ve seen shooting stars and planets, built rockets and watched comets.

I felt joy and sorrow, I lent stole and borrowed.

I researched science, debated religion, written articles read by millions.

Climbed mountains and volcanoes, sailed seas and swam in oceans.

I've been kicked, punched, stabbed, drugged, mugged.

I've been frozen and burned my skin to blisters.

I flown around the world, driven till the tyres burst.

Patented inventions, had unjust intentions.

I have the most loving Wife, Brother, Father, Sister, Mother.

I earned a million, I spent a million.

Withstood an earthquake, typhoons, hurricane and full moons.

I am a Human on Planet Earth.

P.W. 28th March 2017