Sunday, September 25, 2016

Digital marketing services

Summary of client services:
  • Marketing planning Aims / Goals / Strategy
  • Competition research and assessment
  • Website SEO audit
  • Google Analytics custom event tracking
  • Google Adwords campaigns setup and optimise for lowest cost per conversion 
  • Facebook Ad campaigns setup and optimise for lowest cost per conversion
  • Social management YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Outreach to Influencer / Bloggers
  • Email Marketing design, writing, sending
  • Press Reports, writing, sending
  • Content article writing
  • Video production
  • Post campaign monthly reports to include Media spend vs Visitor traffic from each campaign vs Goal of Registered Users, Spend / Traffic / Users Conversion rate
  • Mobile app + website project management
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Monday, September 05, 2016

In 1 year my digital marketing consultancy sent client recruitment company approx 100k Graduate signups, 106k Facebook page likes, 387k YouTube video views, Linkedin, Twitter, Google+ fame with tens of thousands of posts and in-depth custom analytics of events and goal conversions from Google adwords and Facebook power ads.