Thursday, February 05, 2015

Problem: iPhone Photos & Camera Storage shows lots of space used

Problem: iPhone > Settings > General > Usage > Manage Storage > Photos & Camera  > Storage shows lots of space used even though you have deleted all your old photos and videos.

Reason: iPhone keeps all the old media in a "DCIM" folder. Every photo or video I though I deleted from the iPhone in the past was still there.

Tried: Upgrading iPhone / iTunes. Tried restarting iPhone / iTunes. Tried unSyncing all iPhoto collections from iPhone… none of that worked.

Solution: delete old media files using iExplorer from

Here are the steps:

Note only after you mount the media folder and go to the DCIM folder can you delete the old files... I think Apple don't want to show those old files so you use storage then end up buying more cloud storage... sneeky but that all goes to help them get $18 billion profit in 2015, the largest in its history.