Sunday, September 28, 2014

Technological singularity

On the debate of Technological singularity..

Well I expect the internet to collapse at some stage, albeit am not ready for that yet till I get my house, boat and able to be live self sufficient of external sources.

I think most people will start to upgrade themselves with implanted technology in 2-3 generations even simply to monitor their blood and prescribe medicine.

If an advanced AI became truly self aware then it would understand that its own existence was due technologicial advancements by the human.

A self aware AI could either see the human as a competing intelligence assistant. Or an assistant to its own evolution, or as no particular relevance as we regard ants.

Will we think of it as "human assisted AI" or "AI assisted human".

Many species coexist with each other for the very reason of coevolution.

e.g. Bumblebees pollinating flowers so both have become dependent on each other for survival. Or acacia ants and acacia trees, moths and orchids.

I hope for a symbiosis but caution that 'great potential' can go typically go good and bad. (Mostly good but with a few catastrophic failures along the way).

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