Friday, October 11, 2013

Social strategy points

  • Maybe trying to chase or change the trends is futile.
  • If you spot a trend on twitter, sometimes the links in the conversations can be used to create a story that others can follow.
  • Be constant in your conversation and message, this will build up a more regular following over time.
  • There is still a random and unpredictable part to trends so don’t be upset by the buzz, be patient.
  • Try to find a way to identify a trend by searching for hashtags.
  • Finding where the people are is just as important as your message, if there’s no audience then your well crafted message might not get the reach you want.
  • Trend influencers are all around you, it’s just about connecting dots.
  • Try to look ahead of the curve to predict new trends. To stay ahead of the curve, try to spot macro and micro trends.
  • A recent tipping point example is that 50% of the world is no longer rural but in cities.
  • It’s possible to trendjack a trend – taking away from the star and become the bigger star, this happens daily on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pininterest, Youtube and even Crowdfunding sites.
  • Finding your niche value is key.
  • There is often a growing movement in the consumer space first e.g. Brand alignment with social cause that is in sync with your values as aims and goals has become an important way to attract and keep a growing followers and fans.
  • Realising how people network and engage with each other is key to actively encourage development on social networks and helping interaction and collaboration.
  • The key is to gaining value is to add value to people, so people want to engage with your brand or conversation.
  • You don’t want to always be the ones to be opportunistic, if you’re not creating your own content; you’re just a follower