Wednesday, November 14, 2012

where i've been - 21% of the world so far

where i've been - 21% of the world so far... hopefully will get to see the whole planet before I die.

On the subject, I think VISAs and Borders suck! 15 million people are stateless today!!!

I resent the idea that some people in this world are told they cannot enter this and that country because they are from this or that country. I think it's a backwards mentality with no justification that 'based on a place' of where someone was born that is then somehow is directly related to their travel options on the planet... I hope international borders are removed. People argue that people need to be tracked across borders... yes some people need to be tracked but that can happen in many other ways, country restrictions are a primitative solution to what is fast becoming a borderless world.

Countries are increasingly interdependent on each other and so are their citizens.  

Dear future: I would like to see all border and visa restrictions removed please.