Thursday, September 27, 2012

Made my 2nd android app to help people find their lost phones or devices

Made my 2nd android app to help people find their lost phones or devices. I've lost my phone a number of times, or had it stolen also :( Sure I had tracking apps installed on them and gratefully they have mapping GPS software on them but that just shows you where on a map they are. What if you're in a city like me most of the time and need to find your device in a building! Well hello, so like I just made this app to detect a single WiFi hotspot. e.g. Make a note of your phone or device personal hotspot. Install the app (for android phones) then start "Find My Hotspot" and see how you can detect the wifi / personal hotspot from your iPhone or whatever device. Bamb! We're almost there, you'll know you're device is in range. Sure I want to develop an AR 3D version but it's a start and I didn't see any other apps that zero in on just a single wifi network. It'd be too tricky wandering around having to look at your phone all the time to see if the network you wanted to find was in range.

Find My Hotspot

Reverse Image Search

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

reverse image search app in google play for android

Ok, I added my first mobile app "reverse image search" in google play for android:
I think it's better to start with a high price then bring it down.

I want to improve the back-end to make it more accurate but I need the revimg (or similar) code.