Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wolfram - Alpha Is Coming!

What google doesn't want you to know.
There's a new type of knowledge based search engine.
Alpha is Due to be released sometime in May '09. (Not live yet)

Other super geek research I was looking at: (Evolutionary Neurocontrol, Genetic algorithm, How the Genetic Algorithm Works). My aim in this space is to try to create some software that can understand meaning in Language (I need lots of dev help). There are other areas which I think if combined would produce advanced results like metamorphic code ... is code that can reprogram itself (certainly gets the imagination going).
Why is GA of interest, well, for example, a genetic algorithm developed jointly by engineers from General Electric and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute produced a high-performance jet engine turbine design that was three times better than a human-designed configuration and 50% better than a configuration designed by an expert system by successfully navigating a solution space containing more than 10387 possibilities. Conventional methods for designing such turbines are a central part of engineering projects that can take up to five years and cost over $2 billion; the genetic algorithm discovered this solution after two days on a typical engineering desktop workstation (Holland 1992, p.72). Source extract from talkorigins