Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good Energy - 100% Renewable Energy

I've switched to 100% pure renewable electricity!
  • Yes it costs more
  • Yes I'm broke
  • Yes I feel better
  • Yes I want to use electricity when I want
  • Yes I think many of the ...'get this cause you'll be saving the planet'... marketing campaigns are a load of bull

Good Energy’s commitment to its ethical values as well as to promoting and developing renewable energy in the UK has been independently accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation over the past three years. We have once again been awarded Ethical Company Status for 2009, scoring the maximum 100 points.

I know I blowing my own trumpet a little but it'd be good if more people switched. I remember meeting the Chairman of a big Energy company last year who astounded me by trying to convice me that it was impossible to get energy from waves! I mean, it's not like I'm some hippee eco warrior or something but that chap was really a little arroagant and stupid. (FYI: I'm working on a new wave power patent... anyone care to invest :)