Friday, May 29, 2009

image matching service

Now i'm slightly annoyed... another of my ideas released live before me :(
tineye image search engine (similar solution to what i had in mind, oh well, good for them... i think it's a great idea).
Here's a concept sketch I did last year but even a few years back I had created a prototype process of matching image retrieval.. contacted potential developers, tested tons of apps.
1. Search
1.1. Image upload (file text field)
1.2. Image upload (button)
1.2.1. * Process of matching image retrieval Search results Web URLs and image thumbnails (user clicks on thumbnails or links to see where the similar image can be found)
p.s. With a little funding I could make that work still.... tineye need some competition, perhaps later in the year if I'm free.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Good Energy - 100% Renewable Energy

I've switched to 100% pure renewable electricity!
  • Yes it costs more
  • Yes I'm broke
  • Yes I feel better
  • Yes I want to use electricity when I want
  • Yes I think many of the ...'get this cause you'll be saving the planet'... marketing campaigns are a load of bull

Good Energy’s commitment to its ethical values as well as to promoting and developing renewable energy in the UK has been independently accredited by the Ethical Company Organisation over the past three years. We have once again been awarded Ethical Company Status for 2009, scoring the maximum 100 points.

I know I blowing my own trumpet a little but it'd be good if more people switched. I remember meeting the Chairman of a big Energy company last year who astounded me by trying to convice me that it was impossible to get energy from waves! I mean, it's not like I'm some hippee eco warrior or something but that chap was really a little arroagant and stupid. (FYI: I'm working on a new wave power patent... anyone care to invest :)

Scam letter from Community Trade Mark Filing Service

Scam letter from Community Trade Mark Filing Service, 17 - 19 Fenwick Street, Liverpool, L2 7LS If you've also got a letter from Community Trade Mark Filing Service then ignore it or report it. It's not from the Patent Office and you don't need to pay them. (I did call the Patent Office and they have hundreds of complaints already but are not yet taking any action.)
They basically get all the Patent Office customer details and send letters to them trying to make it look like you need to pay them. If like me you want to move things on, you can report them to trading standards.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wolfram - Alpha Is Coming!

What google doesn't want you to know.
There's a new type of knowledge based search engine.
Alpha is Due to be released sometime in May '09. (Not live yet)

Other super geek research I was looking at: (Evolutionary Neurocontrol, Genetic algorithm, How the Genetic Algorithm Works). My aim in this space is to try to create some software that can understand meaning in Language (I need lots of dev help). There are other areas which I think if combined would produce advanced results like metamorphic code ... is code that can reprogram itself (certainly gets the imagination going).
Why is GA of interest, well, for example, a genetic algorithm developed jointly by engineers from General Electric and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute produced a high-performance jet engine turbine design that was three times better than a human-designed configuration and 50% better than a configuration designed by an expert system by successfully navigating a solution space containing more than 10387 possibilities. Conventional methods for designing such turbines are a central part of engineering projects that can take up to five years and cost over $2 billion; the genetic algorithm discovered this solution after two days on a typical engineering desktop workstation (Holland 1992, p.72). Source extract from talkorigins

Friday, May 08, 2009

HTC Magic, vodafone, contacts

If you're an early bird and managed to get an HTC Magic from vodafone when they got released this week in the UK, you might be wondering how to import your contacts from your old phone.

Well if you don't already have all your contacts on google , that's what you need to do and here are some links to help you do that.

Why post this, well:
HTC don't have sync details on their site
Google don't have a mac to google contacts sync
Vodafone don't generally have any tech details so why ask

1: Get a sync app, i suggest spanning sync, another is fruux (come google VCs just make an offer and bye them).
2: Read the google blog and note Google Sync Beta for iPhone but not yet for the Magic
3: check out the HTC site is you like
4: note that not all androids are yet covered by google mobile

5: (optional) download tons of crazy apps like the metal detector and talking clock and let me know when there's a good speech to text app