Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quick thanks to infolinks

We joined infolinks back in October 2008.
We found out about Infolinks by actively looking for advertising partners.
It was very easy to add infolinks to our initial site, only a few lines of code.
No changes were needed on our site to use infolinks, just simply adding the infolinks code.
The infolinks earnings have been to our expectations and we are rolling out the ad format to other new sites. When we started using infolinks we had tried other ad networks and formats before but this was pretty much the easiest one to implement and again the easiest way to make money. Payment terms are as expected and fair.
Is the Infolinks support responsive?
I’m the CTO of a company looking after 150+ sites, some we create for clients and some we run ourselves, can you imagine how many emails / developments / issues I have to deal with everyday! Well I remember our Account Manager and Support at Infolinks, she’s called Sarah. I remember this not because we’ve had to be in contact much but because she has been so super quick and helpful. We now have bigger plans and Infolinks we have a place with us as we go forward. develops cutting edge social media technology to create communication and collaboration tools that are easy to access, use, manage and moderate with user-friendly interfaces. The company runs a portfolio of online community based properties including, a free live Internet TV aggregation service (getting over 1 million impressions per month) providing access to thousands of free streaming TV channels from all over the World. Brandstation is the outstanding product of Ltd, a London based social media company focusing on innovative social network technology. Brandstation sites are created instantly as soon as you sign up, with no downloads, or installations, or technical experience needed, which makes it easy for anyone to have a live social network and start building a community.