Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Should single religion teaching be banned?

  • What's the sense of teaching about a single religion?
  • Shouldn't religious classes teach about all religions?
  • It's backwards to teach a single religion and pretend that other religious beliefs do not exist.
I was lucky enough to get a great education but for me, religious classes weren't taught about the multitudes of religious beliefs through history, they were taught with the assumption that we would believe what was taught and that was about a single religion. Well for a time i adopted a single religion cause I was a nice little boy... I used to love praying. As i grew and realised that we are mostly born into religion. Then I rejected the concept because most religions claim to be the only one.

It's funny, the other week i visited literally hundreds of religious web sites from all over the world (i had to update lots of links). All preaching their own words and beliefs. All claiming to have wise wise teachers, or masters, or prophets or guides... yeah, they seem 'wise' and acclaimed to those who've been taught to follow that religion cause they for the student, their teacher may have reached the pinnacle of understanding about their religious subject matter.

If you are one of these religious students where you see your teacher and you think they are wise cause they know lots about their subject matter, well in essence that's a good thing but also give some consideration to the point that perhaps your 'wise' teacher may not perhaps be as open minded as they could and that you can choose your own way and there may still be many more things to learn about.

Teaching single religion brings small communities together but not the world.
  • Why are we typically taught a specific religion, i think it's wrong.
  • Surely it's wrong to be taught such a subjective spiritual thing as if it's fact.
If you are looking for a religion and that makes you feel good, well that's up to you. But I think then when one becomes fixed on any subject or reasons one is blind to other reasoning. In summary this is why being really really really religious can make one really close minded.

I could have used harsher words here but I'm trying not to offend people. Sometimes I'm amazed about the lack of useful teaching that we're given. For example, where I'm going on holiday, many of the locals have never even heard of the idea of evolution, yet for more educated people we accept that as obvious fact.

Religion has played a good part in history for teaching morals but i think the time has come to blend the teaching of religion as the "teaching about Religions" not specific types.

Monday, December 01, 2008

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