Saturday, November 03, 2007

social networks, broadband, tv (what else)

  • 80% of under 30s use social networks.
  • Virgin are testing 50Mb broadband connections in the UK (hurry up).
  • UK online tv market 20million, to go to 180million in 5 years (40 - 60% made up from advertising) (Source: screen digest)
  • Terrestrial TV ad market 3billion in 2006.
  • Google Ad revenue will overtake ITV
  • In the UK, BBC website has 17million users with, about 8 million users who consume BBC content from external sources (The BBC say this is an excellent reach enabler).
  • BBC are going to add embeddable videos to their site and make a facebook application for the iplayer in Dec 07 (where did they get that idea :).

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