Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Art Studios - Open weekend

Go check out the Great Western Studios this weekend by Westbourne Park Tube, West London.

Recommend to go see work by "Sandra Liccioni", super detailed works inspired by nature.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Pen Art

Art of the pen,
Dwelling in pain and glory,
Awash with rhythm and ease.

Shine on time, shine on people.
Let’s make it work together. Hey.


social networks, broadband, tv (what else)

  • 80% of under 30s use social networks.
  • Virgin are testing 50Mb broadband connections in the UK (hurry up).
  • UK online tv market 20million, to go to 180million in 5 years (40 - 60% made up from advertising) (Source: screen digest)
  • Terrestrial TV ad market 3billion in 2006.
  • Google Ad revenue will overtake ITV
  • In the UK, BBC website has 17million users with, about 8 million users who consume BBC content from external sources (The BBC say this is an excellent reach enabler).
  • BBC are going to add embeddable videos to their site and make a facebook application for the iplayer in Dec 07 (where did they get that idea :).