Sunday, October 14, 2007

Being careful, i got mugged

Last night, coming back from a friends place, thought i'd walk back home for the exercise.
Almost home dim lit street and two young guys cross over the road to ask me for drugs. I reply, sorry i can't help you.. I continue walking now they are behind me.

10 seconds later one guy then kicks my knee sideways, another jumps on my back telling me to handover my money.
Luckily i attempt to throw the guy off my back and over my shoulder then stand up.

As i stand up i notice the bottom half of my leg is not pointing straight - my knee was dislocated. I realise i have to stand up or these uneducated yobs will come back at me. I push my knee back into place (grateful the morning after that i had some wine in me to remove any pain).

As i pull a pen from my pocket i tell them i will take them on if they try anything else. (They look at each other a bit stunned that it's me in control.)

There not quite convinced if they can take me so i start to raise my voice and tell the neighborhood what clothes they are wearing and what's going on. I see a neighbor looking out from their window. (Raising my voice helped again as they know people will hear me.)

I tell the guys to go away and that they are young and shouldn't do that sort of thing to other people.

I filled out a police report (there is a CCTV camera pointing directly at the bus stop they went to just after the incident at 2.30am) and got a support for my knee (feel like a Rugby player).

I wondered earlier tonight if i saw one of the kids (baseball cap, approx 20, light tan UAE looking) pacing around my flat with a group of friends.

I'm not scared i've been mugged many times before but i should have taken a taxi or avoided the dimly lit street. goodnight.

--- Here's the x-ray, from a week after the incident, my keen is fine now :)

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peter woodford said...

i had an x-ray of my knee and it's and in the right place :)