Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Google the buggers :) to launch API for all

Google are about to launch an opensocial API service that will link to many social networks. API (application programming interface) is a source code interface that allows developers to more easily develop applications to work together. So far pretty much every big site that has an API has it's own one with it's own standards.

Anyway i call them Google buggers cause i thought of that APIAPI idea about a year ago but it's kind of a mammoth task to take on so well i guess we'll have to be a host for them and welcome a more structured webscape.

Reference URLs: (meant to be here but it's down at the time of this post)

For the non geeks it's kind of a big deal to have a common way to manage information across multiple sites.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

BoardRiders TV on

I'm checkin' out BoardRiders TV on and I think it rocks!!!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

UK broadband average speed 4.6Mbps

Over half the UK already has broadband and the average speed of these connections is 4.6 megabits per second - or more than 80 times the speed of the old dial-up connections. But it is not fast enough. Countries such as France, Germany, the US, Japan and South Korea have already started investing in networks that can deliver up to 100 megabits per second, enough for a dozen high-definition TV channels or lightning-fast downloading of music and videos.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Being careful, i got mugged

Last night, coming back from a friends place, thought i'd walk back home for the exercise.
Almost home dim lit street and two young guys cross over the road to ask me for drugs. I reply, sorry i can't help you.. I continue walking now they are behind me.

10 seconds later one guy then kicks my knee sideways, another jumps on my back telling me to handover my money.
Luckily i attempt to throw the guy off my back and over my shoulder then stand up.

As i stand up i notice the bottom half of my leg is not pointing straight - my knee was dislocated. I realise i have to stand up or these uneducated yobs will come back at me. I push my knee back into place (grateful the morning after that i had some wine in me to remove any pain).

As i pull a pen from my pocket i tell them i will take them on if they try anything else. (They look at each other a bit stunned that it's me in control.)

There not quite convinced if they can take me so i start to raise my voice and tell the neighborhood what clothes they are wearing and what's going on. I see a neighbor looking out from their window. (Raising my voice helped again as they know people will hear me.)

I tell the guys to go away and that they are young and shouldn't do that sort of thing to other people.

I filled out a police report (there is a CCTV camera pointing directly at the bus stop they went to just after the incident at 2.30am) and got a support for my knee (feel like a Rugby player).

I wondered earlier tonight if i saw one of the kids (baseball cap, approx 20, light tan UAE looking) pacing around my flat with a group of friends.

I'm not scared i've been mugged many times before but i should have taken a taxi or avoided the dimly lit street. goodnight.

--- Here's the x-ray, from a week after the incident, my keen is fine now :)

Thursday, October 04, 2007


just had a realisation that blackholes are engines in galaxies... more about that later... wanted to be the first to publish this theory.

Peter Woodford

... What i wanted to say was that as a blackhole exists at the centre of every galaxy and that as the blackhole mass is half of that of the galaxy in which it resides it suggests that the mass of the black hole is directly related to the gallaxy which it is centered in.

Now if the blackhole is digesting the host galaxy then the mass of the blackhole would increase and the galaxy would decrease, unless. Unless the blackholes radiate energy outside of the supposed event horizon (that's the point of apparent no return). Now imagine for a moment that there is more that one universe, that we exist in a multiverse so another universe is linked to our own.

My deduction so far is that the energy that is consumed inside a blackhole is also fed into another universe. In this universe we only see that there is an apparent point of no return but in another universe, other observers would see that there is a generation of energy that can perhaps not be explained as to where the energy is coming from.

To go further i suggest that dark matter is infact derived from blackholes as it goes from this universe into another and then is bent from a 'negative' universe into our 'positive' universe ('references' used to point out that the some parts of physics may be different with the multiverse concept).

... and for any friends who wonder if i've been smoking, well know, that hasn't happened for a while.. i've just been absorbing information from all over the web and getting inspired from many new scientific discoveries.

p.s. Next i think I'll research and present on how dark matter has gravity