Monday, September 17, 2007

Who are you mister pollution?

Worst polluted places and approx number of people assumed to being poisoned by toxic emmissions:
Sumgayit, Azerbaijan; Potentially 275,000 affected
Linfen, China; Potentially 3m affected
Tianying, China; Potentially 140,000 affected
Sukinda, India; Potentially 2.6m affected
Vapi, India; Potentially 71,000 affected
La Oroya, Peru; Potentially 35,000 affected
Dzerzhinsk, Russia; Potentially 300,000 affected
Norilsk, Russia; Potentially 134,000 affected
Chernobyl, Ukraine; Potentially 5.5m affected
Kabwe, Zambia; Potentially 255,000 affected
Data: Blacksmith Institute

(p.s. Using electricity is not bad, but generating electricity from a source that leads to pollution is bad. There’s more power available from the Sun, that shines down on this small planet everyday than all of the worlds power stations put together... There’s no excuse for not using renewable energy sources like wind, wave, solar, hyrdo, lighting, static)

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Unknown said...

But nuclear is the most environmentally friendly!