Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Trademark scam companies to watch out for

I recently registered a Trade Mark for a company and after i had paid for it i got a scam letter saying ...you must send payment for your trademark to...

I called up the patent office to check that i had paid already and they confirmed i had. Therefore the company that was asking me to make further payments to them was trying to scam a payment to themselves.

Here's a list of these tricky shit unofficial registration services.

Institut économique pour le commerce, l'artisant, l'industrie
(WIHH- Wirtschaftsregister für Industrie, Handel, Handwerk AG)

P.O. Box 607
CH - 6341 Baar/Zug

Trademark Publisher GMBH
BP 73
A-1190 Wien

Company for Publications and Information Anstalt
(Société pour publications et information SARL)

Werdenberg 11
FL- 9490 Valduz

European Institute for economy and Commerce
Rue Capouillet 9 à 21
BE- 1060 Brussels

WIG - Wirtschaftszentrale für Industrie und Gewerbe AG
Commercial Centre for Industry and Trade
Centrale économique pour l’industrie et le commerce

Postfach 2116
CH- 8033 Zürich

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Anonymous said...

EIEC's address at 9 Capouillet treet turned out to be a maildrop that takes in post for anyone who pays.

If anyone makes a payment and even a small one, i'm interested to know the bank it goes to cause those scammers sent me another false letter today asking for £479.