Saturday, April 14, 2007

Do you really believe your God is the best?

I recently past a crowd of christians so i asked one woman what she thought about allah and buddah. Well, the woman started to chase me, screaming jesus is the only one!
I mean, come on people, there are some real nutters out there who are so arrogant to believe that what they believe in is the only way.

Having lived in many countries early on in my life i was able to see that people are born into religion. I mean how can someone argue that it's not the case. For example if i was born in India with Indian parents i would likely be hindu, or had i had muslim parents i would be taught islam, but i was born into a christian family and the schools i went to were christian.

I remember asking my religious (christian) teacher if he could tell me why people prayed with their hands over their ears and looked at the palms of their hands (as i lived in Asia then)... he said, i'm sorry but we only teach about christianity here (in Scotland). So from that point it became very clear to me that we are born into religion. Needless to say I slid away from my christian upbringing to live my life as a conscientious individual.

Yes of course moral teaching is good and singing together is nice but to carry on in this day and age thinking that one religion is better that another is just a real disaster for human kind.

Mostly it's just the religious folk who proclaim their views because the rest of us, more mild mannered, worldly opinionated, factual people are quite happy with our lives already that we do not need to shout about it. However, when some person starts to chase and scream at me then it reminds me that there are a lot of very lost people out there who really need to experience life and travel the world some more to gain a bit of perspective.

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Unknown said...

There are a lot of believers who are converted around the world by Christian missionaries and Muslim invaders, traders and sufis. A lot by Buddhist monks, and some by Hindu swamis. This list in incomplete. Some convert to other religion by marriage, some for money some by persuasions. In all these cases though one is born and brought up in one's parents religion he or she does not end in that but reaches somwhere else.