Wednesday, February 14, 2007

How to get a custom domain with enom and blogger

1. Checked out blogger instructions but there were no instructions for using enom as a registrar
2. Read up on Blogger Help Group
3. Posted a question tried some options... here's the solution with enom, DNS, CNAME pointing to

(picture paints a thousand words... by the way the custom domain is:


FaizulMd said...

I saw your question on blogger help group and I guess you managed to make it work with your domain. When I put CNAME at the '@' host name, it says that it's not recommended to do it. Is it a serious problem?

sy said...

hey i bought a new domain
with enom

i want to host it to my blog in blogger...

please help me ASAP..

provide me step by step procedure,... plzzzzzz

peter woodford said...

In go to settings > publishing then choose "Switch to: • Custom Domain" (Then point your own registered domain name to your blog).