Tuesday, January 31, 2006

image matching

imagine that you can just upload a picture of yourself and i'll tell you, even better, show you the person on this planet who looks most like you. That's an experimental project i'm currently working on.

It has so far involved writing my own mac application and a couple of scripts, requesting more free web space, emailing ultra geek coders around the world.

The idea is something google would like i'm sure, especially in light of their recent picasa purchase. Which i had to just remind them wasn't available for mac yet.. Unlike google earth :)

video ringtones

started a video ringtone site called vidtonz. now all i need is for nokia to start sell more mobiles with video ringtone capabilities. Or for macromedia to offer free downloads of the flashlite 2 player. I hear that'll allow video.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

night vision

Was in a camera shop the other day waiting to get reciepts for a new digital camera... was talking ages so i stumbled over the desk where they were selling night vision scopes! asked if someone would come with me outside so i could test them but turned out that the only way to test was to buy.

Oh well i thought, a good excuse to have a play, so i purchased this low end scope and had a run around.. when i came back, here's a photo of inside my flat :)

Blinds down, all lights off, not bad eh.. Took the photo with the new digital camera (talking of which, there's another blog i must add about this waterproof digicam i got yesterday). Imagine the look on peoples faces as i dropped it into my glass!!

where i work

I love it at the Grand Union, best people ever...
has nothing to do with the fact that i can walk to work and love being a geek technical project manager :)

Party theme: anything beginning with S

One chap from the 'S' themed party last night, i found his dancing hillarious.

Well, it was freezing here in London so i thought it'd make sense to go as a snowboarder myself!

Others included a sandwich, sailor, salad (can you imagine :), s&m, slut oh and a couple of sunt men!

social bookmarking n collaboration

Up-to-date web links, on simpy.com/user/pwoodford which is better that del.icio.us
Simpy now have the group invite working! + the BetterSearch it's cool for previewing sites.

I was recently asked if i could setup a site for a friend to manage their massive birthday party... we're talking 100s of people, over 10 days and birthday boy is kinda of busy. So I started a rejourney into my collaboration marked sites to see which one would do the job. The winner was backpackit.com
Main reasons why it's cool are that you can setup a site for free with only a few buddies editing the content then when birthday boy gets too much communication, he can make the site public and everyone can go edit crazy.. (who's renting a car, which hotel / flight ...)

sundays are for blogging

forget the fine weather outside, social needs, just blog