Thursday, December 06, 2018

Why are facebook uploading all my mobile contacts !

Why are facebook uploading all my mobile contacts !

I recently downloaded my Facebook data to see what they had. Even for me an experienced web head, I was surprised at the information they had, including contacts names and phone numbers of people not related to my contacts on Facebook.

So I realised Facebook had been secretly uploading contacts from my phone.

I investigated further and checked the “Continuous Contacts Upload” setting was turned off on both my Android and iPhone.

Facebook for Android:
    1.    Tap Menu icon.
    2.    Tap App Settings.
    3.    Tap Continuous Contacts Upload to turn this setting on or off.
iPhone or iPad:
    1.    Tap Menu icon.
    2.    Tap Settings > Account Settings > General.
    3.    Tap Upload contacts to turn this setting on or off.

Then I typed into help “why are facebook uploading my contacts”.

At the bottom of the results I noticed it said “Turning off contact uploading in the Facebook app doesn't automatically turn off contact uploading or call and SMS (text messaging) uploading in the Messenger app.“

So I looked in the Messenger app and think that was the offending app that uploaded my contacts even though “contact uploading” was disabled…

In Facebook Messenger app > Click on your Profile image > People > Manage Contacts >

I also created two test contacts on my mobile to see if Facebook is still uploading my mobile contacts, so when I do a data download in the future I can search for those hidden numbers. If the new hidden numbers in my Facebook data download, the problem will not be fixed.

Reference links:

p.s. When the EU sue Facebook for privacy invasion again. I wish some of that money would go to the ordinary citizens affected.

Monday, June 04, 2018

Digital Marketing - AdWords Editor 2 bugs found

Exporting to CSV doesn’t include the “Account” ID e.g. “123-123-1234” so if you're getting errors importing, try adding a new column in the CSV and put the ID you want to import the campaigns into.

Importing from CSV doesn’t convert currencies. So if you had Rp100,000 you will have $100,000 USD, same applies to CPC bidding.

Yeah $100,000 per click. Maybe they noticed this bug and thought they’d just ignore it…

Related video (not by me)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Native HTML5 Video Player

Annoyed by how much companies like JWplayer charge for ad impressions. I built my own Native HTML5 Video Player. It integrates with video ad servers, VAST, VPAID, playlists etc. With JWAds / JW Monetize they charge a fee even if no ads are played. No need to pay a licence fee to jwplayer anymore. If you want the code email me peter <@> digitalfishing com 
This is a image screenshot not a video player, cause I only want to show the code to people who will pay something as it took me an development team few weeks to build.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Dash Car Video Players

Dash Car Video Players don't always play your movies due to:
  • USB drive format
  • Movie file Codec format
Most in-car entertainment systems will need your USB stick to be MS-DOS formatted and will only play .mp4 videos that are encoded with "MPEG-4 Video".

To find movies on USB on Mac OS:
  1. Press Command + F key
  2. Click "USB" if your files are on an external drive.
  3. Choose Kind is movie
  4. Click the + icon at the end of that row.
  5.  Choose "Other"
  6. Type "codec" in the search and click OK
  7. Then in the Codecs field type "MPEG-4 Video"
  8. Now you should see a list of compatible files   
To format a USB on Mac OS:
  1. Connect the USB storage device to the computer.
  2. Open Disk Utility.
  3. Click to select the USB storage device in the left panel.
  4. Click to change to the Erase tab.
  5. In the "Volume Format:" selection box, click "MS-DOS File System".
  6. Click "Erase" button.
  7. At the confirmation dialog, click the "Erase" button.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Poem under the stars

I wrote a poem after watching the stars. It was a festival yesterday where no lights are allowed and the photo is a long exposure.

My Poem

I've laughed, I've cried, I've nearly died.

I’ve seen shooting stars and planets, built rockets and watched comets.

I felt joy and sorrow, I lent stole and borrowed.

I researched science, debated religion, written articles read by millions.

Climbed mountains and volcanoes, sailed seas and swam in oceans.

I've been kicked, punched, stabbed, drugged, mugged.

I've been frozen and burned my skin to blisters.

I flown around the world, driven till the tyres burst.

Patented inventions, had unjust intentions.

I have the most loving Wife, Brother, Father, Sister, Mother.

I earned a million, I spent a million.

Withstood an earthquake, typhoons, hurricane and full moons.

I am a Human on Planet Earth.

P.W. 28th March 2017

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Why is AI not Real Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence Market worth 16.06 Billion USD by 2022

Since around 1998 I was creating chatbots and building up libraries of AIML Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, XML dialect used in natural language software agents. Example sites: and

More recently I've been testing out some of the newer solutions like, they make it very simple to build conversational interfaces using Natural Language.

One of the biggest problems with Machine leaning is the Training System Required to build a large enough data set to handle variations in Conversation. So most of my thoughts have focused on producing Input based learning from large data souces (e.g. books) Or Learning based on Conversation and Articles.

Recently my wife and I had a few friends staying with us and all have kids at differnent ages. It's fasinating to think about how we learn language. We learn based on Input and Experience (I'd love to see a dual language learning app based on So mapping Input and Output to a Software model would need some kind of Experience Engine.

To produce Output / Results / Reply a system would need to understand the Input based on Experience.

I've also been thinking about a simple architecture / sitemap of those systems

Back to the real world I made a note of some applications from ai.api:
  1. Small Talk - Make small talk
  2. Booking - Make reservations at restaurants or hotel …
  3. Weather - Get weather information
  4. Wisdom - Ask general knowledge questions
  5. Flight Schedules - Get flight schedules and statuses
  6. News - Read news
  7. Call - Call a number, contact, or venue
  8. Messages - Compose and read messages
  9. Email - Compose and read emails
  10. Media - Control music/video players and radio
  11. User Name & Agent Name - Change names of users or agents
  12. Web Search - Perform web searches
  13. Web Browsing - Open websites
  14. Apps - Open, close, download, remove, search,  …
  15. Time & Dates - Work with time and date
  16. Calculator - Perform basic calculations and conversion …
  17. Calendar - Work with calendar
  18. Reminders and Notifications - Work with reminders and notifications
  19. Manage App - Open, close, or update the app
  20. Maps - Search in maps
  21. Navigation - Navigate to places
  22. Points of Interest - Search for venues
  23. Device Control - Control device’s settings
  24. Units and Formats - Change default formats for units
  25. Translate - Translate text to various languages
  26. Language Selection - Switch between different languages
  27. Shopping - Search for things to buy
  28. Notes - Work with notes
  29. Tasks - Work with tasks
  30. Social Networks - Work with Twitter and Facebook
  31. Events - Search for events
  32. Taxi Search - Request a taxi
  33. TV Listings - Get TV listings
  34. Smart Home - Control smart devices
  35. Sports - Get sports scores, stats, schedules, etc …
  36. Finance - Get stock prices and market reports
  37. Authentication - Log in/out or sign up for online service …
  38. Learning - Train the agent to understand new commands …
  39. Nicknames - Work with nicknames
  40. Contacts Search - Search for a contact
  41. Images - Search for images
  42. Traffic - Request a traffic information
  43. Maps Shortcuts - Work with maps shortcuts

Currently my own two faves:

1 Automated conversations with people looking to buy Insurance.

Competition in this space:

2 Semi-automated platform creates written article content. 

Competition in this space:

Building an Experience Engine is key

Experience could be built from Relationship of entities.

Relationship of entities could be done with Content Context. So we need to build up huge datasets of related entities which should be anything and everything e.g. Language, Time , Date, Grammar, Letter, Word, Word, Phrase, Sentence, Paragraph, Question, Answer, Intent, Symbols, Abbreviations, Database of Examples, Fruit, Company, Numbers, Stock market symbols, Currency codes, Currency symbols, ISO codes, Maths equations, Plant names, Animals, Birds, Piano notes, Guitar notes, Voltage, Frequency, Artists, Architects, Websites, Planets, Navigation, Coordinates, Molecules, Particles, Elements, Countries, People names, Boys names, Girls names, Music bands, Music artists, Clouds

For example: Take a short list of Currency symbols (£ GBP, $ USD) for any Real Intelligence there should be a huge number of related of entities to Build an Experience.

For example: USD relates to many entities e.g. Language=English, Time=1.02pm, Date=24 Feb 2017, Grammar=English grammar, Letter=U,S,D,USD, Word=USD, Abbreviations=USD, Currency codes, Currency symbols.

In summary. Talking with Software developers in a past they always had concerns about database storage and CPU processing limits but we're reaching a point now where those limitations will not be a concern. Yes Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft are all building conversational agents but I think there'll be room for more. (Note a side note I still don't like the term "AI" cause it's based on Real Intelligence).

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Digital marketing services

Summary of client services:
  • Marketing planning Aims / Goals / Strategy
  • Competition research and assessment
  • Website SEO audit
  • Google Analytics custom event tracking
  • Google Adwords campaigns setup and optimise for lowest cost per conversion 
  • Facebook Ad campaigns setup and optimise for lowest cost per conversion
  • Social management YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  • Outreach to Influencer / Bloggers
  • Email Marketing design, writing, sending
  • Press Reports, writing, sending
  • Content article writing
  • Video production
  • Post campaign monthly reports to include Media spend vs Visitor traffic from each campaign vs Goal of Registered Users, Spend / Traffic / Users Conversion rate
  • Mobile app + website project management
Contact me via